My CIS 211 Project: Godzilla Simulation!!!

For my CIS 211 project I wish to create a simulation based on Godzilla. My goal is to have a few different locations in which Godzilla engages various animate and inanimate objects in combat and wanton destruction.

For my Animates category I will have Godzilla as the main focus of the simulation. He will roam around destroying different types of inanimate objects (such as Buildings, Trees and Boats) with his fire breath and punching abilities. He will also engage with several different types of animates (Civilians, Military, Battleships, Mothra) by chasing after them and breathing fire or punching at them.

Mothra will be a monster enemy that will randomly appear and fight with Godzilla. Mothra’s Actions will include the ability to fly around, shoot laser beams at Godzilla, and be killed in battle by Godzilla. Mothra will be able to appear at any location throughout the game.

Battleships (as opposed to inanimate Boats) will be found only at the Ocean location. Their Actions will include the ability to move through the Ocean and fire Guns at Godzilla. They will also be destroyable by Godzilla’s fire breathing and punching actions.

Finally I wish to have several subclasses of People as animate objects. The first subclass is Civilians whose Actions consist of running away from Godzilla, screaming for their lives, and being killed by Godzilla. The second subclass of People is Military. They will have all of the same Actions as Civilians but they will also have the added ability to engage Godzilla by firing their guns at him. All subclasses of People will only be able to appear in the City location.

My Inanimates will consist of Buildings, Boats, Trees, and Guns. Buildings, Trees and Boats will be scattered throughout the locations of the simulation and will be destroyable by the fire breathing and punching actions of Godzilla. Guns will be equipped on the Military subclass of People and they will be able to be fired at Godzilla when engaged with him.

My Locations will consist of a City and an Ocean. The City (likely modeled after Tokyo) will be filled with Buildings, Trees, and People. The Ocean will consist of Battleships and Boats.

I’m optimistic that this project will be both attainable and highly enjoyable but I’m also keenly aware that there are a myriad of implementation issues that haven’t even begun to creep into my consciousness yet. More than anything I’m excited to attempt to build a simulation like this from the ground up as I fully expect it to be a rewarding learning experience.


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